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If they know there’s a low pressure meeting every week or two to talk about issues, they’re much more likely to bring them to you. There’s so much you can talk about that you’re leaving a lot of value and opportunity to learn and fix problems on the table by not having them regularly (i.e.- weekly or bi-weekly).If annual or bi-annual reviews are sufficient, then that’s all you need for the kinds of discussions you have in one on one meetings, right? You’re also letting issues grow too big before you’re even aware of them, let alone fixing them.Like any good idea, it takes work to make them successful, and one on one meetings are no different.As I’ve spoken with hundreds of leaders and managers as we’ve developed Lighthouse, I’ve heard a series of misconceptions, or myths, contributing to people failing to have good one on one meetings.If that happens, they’ll stop bringing issues to you and morale will plummet.Reality: Writing down what they tell you is crucial to ensuring you do something about what they bring up and remember what was discussed in your last one on one meeting with them.One on one meetings can be a casual, more laid-back meeting.

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While younger, less experienced members of your team may need more attention and coaching, it’s a mistake to think that your more experienced people don’t need any.

One on one meetings are a crucial part of communication in your company and play a key role in giving every one of your team members a voice and the help they need.