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03-Dec-2019 13:04

This unscientific law says that your thoughts attract what comes into your life.

If you think positively about what you want, that’s what the Universe will send you.

Other studies have suggested that people may subconsciously be using odor cues to choose mates who aren’t closely related.

What about personality and physical attraction – don’t those play a role in human relationships?

There are chemicals called pheromones that are well documented in the animal kingdom, especially in insects.

These chemicals trigger some kind of response in other members of the same species.

There are pheromones to signal alarm or danger, and other pheromones that insects use to alert members to a good food source, a new hive, or which trail to follow. While there haven’t been any specific pheromones found in humans, there is much anecdotal evidence to support the “chemical attraction” theory.

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In order to keep a relationship fresh and strong, personality becomes the main focus in human attraction.

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