Orthodox dating guidelines

30-Jan-2020 05:27

I am very proud of my faith and consider myself devout. What are your opinions regarding marrying outside our faith? Marriage is difficult enough without disparity of worship. If she had not been willing, I would not have married her.I've always said I'd marry an (Greek) Orthodox Christian, only because it would mean a great deal to me to raise my family according to how I believe. Are you saying that you're worried about marrying a non-Greek Orthodox? It's sometimes difficult to express to single young folks just how difficult it is to keep marriages together in modern society, AND then it's even more difficult to have a Christ-centered family life on top of that. And no, I would never marry anyone who's Prottestant or any other group 'claiming' any belief in Christ.Heck, even an Orthodox/Orthodox marriage if they can't be willing to use the same calendar (New vs. Will she be feasting when I'm fasting and vice versa? In my case, my wife had to change rite from Western to Eastern Catholic.

Feel free to include photos and/or a short, to-the-point video (60 sec or less), with your testimonial, as well as any advice and encouragement you have for those reading your submission.And it’s not just women who are expected to cover up.“You wouldn’t find a strict Orthodox man wearing a tank top or shorts,” said one of my sources.On the flip side, many Modern Orthodox women let their Jewish locks flow in all their glory.

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“Hair is not inherently promiscuous or private,” explained one of my Orthodox sources, “but it becomes something that is a symbol of privacy.” Basically, covering your hair is a way to let people know you’re off the market.If you’ve ever walked by a Yeshiva, you’ll notice the female students wearing long skirts and sleeves, and possibly tights.

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