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In 1988 Yamano Gakki decided to expand the Epiphone Japan model range to include solid body models as well as semi acoustic models.

Gibson and Yamano Gakki decided not to use the Epiphone brand name for the expanded model range and so the Orville name was chosen instead.

After Fuji-Gen were contracted by Yamano Gakki in late 1992, Fuji-Gen were assigned to make most of the Orville by Gibson and Orville solid body guitars and Terada shifted to its more traditional role of mostly making Semi Acoustic guitars .

The production of the Terada solid body K Orville guitars and most of the Terada solid body G serial Orville by Gibson guitars were ended in 1993 as a result.

Yamano Gakki (Gakki stands for musical instrument company) are one of Japan's largest musical instrument distributors/retailers and Kanda Shokai are one of Japan's largest musical instrument distributors.

Gibson established Epiphone Japan in the early 1970s with the production and distribution being managed by Aria in cooperation with Gibson.

The Terada G serial number letter basically stood for "Gibson pickups" and the Terada J serial number letter basically stood for "Japanese pickups".

When the K Orville guitars were made between 19, Terada were the only guitar factory making all of the Orville by Gibson and Orville guitars.

Fender established Fender Japan in 1982 and contracted Yamano Gakki to oversee the production and distribution of Fender Japan guitars in cooperation with Fender.

The higher priced Orville by Gibson and Orville EB-3 SG Bass guitars were Yamano Gakki's and Terada's main priority in the early years and were made for the intermediate and professional player market and were therefore given serial numbers to be in step with Gibson's usual practice of using serial numbers on Gibson guitars.

Different serial number letter prefixes are usually used when more than one guitar factory can be making the same brand and model of guitar at the same time.

Serial numbers are not always essential when only one guitar factory is making all of the guitars, as the distributor (Yamano Gakki) knows exactly which guitar factory made the guitar even when the guitar has no identifiable guitar factory serial number.

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As Terada were the only guitar factory making all of the Orville guitars between 19, they did not need to serialize the (K) Orville guitars which were made more for the first time or intermediate player market.

The Aria and Gibson Epiphone Japan partnership ended in 1983 with the export Epiphone production moving to Korea and in 1987, Yamano Gakki obtained the Gibson and Epiphone dealership in Japan [1].

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