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06-Jan-2020 12:50

Here at Mad Rover, we believe a car is more than just a mode of transportation - they are a labor of love - a drivable timepiece that you can enjoy and truly cherish for a lifetime.One of our main goals is dedication to others who are like-minded lovers of adventure, auto enthusiasts, or collectors to attain these legendary vehicles for all to enjoy.These iconic vehicles get compliments where ever they go and are genuine head turners!Be part of the Land Rover culture and own the last, true “Go Anywhere” vehicle on the planet.As the general rule the dog is listed in the country in that he is most commonly associated, according to the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), by the designated country of the dog.There are some dogs, who have an uncertain origin, therefore they are getting classified under several countries.

Defenders grew from modest seeds of necessity in the darkness of World War II, to becoming helpful trucks to have around rural British farms.There are even a lot of dog breeds, who are in danger to extinct.There are a few cases, where the origin of breed overlaps the frontier of two, three or more countries.Regarded by many to produce the best off-road vehicles in the world - Land Rover has a storied pedigree dating back to 1948 with the introduction of the original Land Rover Series I.

Styling is no-nonsense and quintessentially British. Off-road performance is unparalleled and the dynamics of each of these vehicles add in an extra level of adventure. The toughness and versatility of the original Land Rovers are now legendary and these trucks are built with extreme durability in-mind.

We are proud of the vehicle makes and models we bring to the market, that where not originally available for sale in the US.