Pleasurebot sex talk

23-Jul-2020 12:35

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Her piercing dark eyes, her seductive smirk & mesmerizing ass in those skin-tight silver pants has you filled with anticipation. You command your fembot to show off different parts of her body.

Deliberately causing herself to malfunction just enough to be convincing, she then yanks the wires loose at one end leaving them protruding from her cleavage.

She lets out a slight gasp as her back arches and her eyes widen.

She pulls the wires slightly until they are visible, though still attached.

She again looks to her left and right to make sure that there are no prying eyes. I need Frank runs into the room: Frank: What's Going on.

Gemma: but I don't want to be a Pleasurebot.......please make it stop......

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We see her big tits and nice ass before seeing her get rough up and taken to the couch where she is tied up. You fuck her so hard her system overloads with pleasure causing a shutdown...