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His cause of death is not known but a 911 dispatcher briefed an incoming paramedic: ‘Male down, not breathing’, he reportedly made several trips to a pharmacy in the last week and looked ‘frail’ as he stopped by Wednesday night.He sold more than 100 million records in his sparkling 40-year music career, throughout his succesful carreer he became known for his sexually charged lyrics and getting romantically linked to a number of male and female stars According to Daily Entertainment News, Prince married twice, first to dancer Mayte Garcia, mother of his only child, Boy Gregory who died a week after birth, Boy Gregory was born with Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare disorder that does not allow the head to grow properly due to the premature fusion of certain bones of the skull.(lol after one listen mind you, couldn't bear more than that) Serena said: Well, with its removal, I think that speaks to it maybe being an Elixir outtake. The problem with her is that she does not perform live anyplace. I do not know if Vanity sang live or just did lip syncing but she did go infront of a live audience. The problem is this; how is she going to promote an album to sell it or support herself as a singer if she will not appear live?It had that vibe to it, but parts of it still threw me off. In the 2 years that I have been asking this, no one has ever come forward and said that they have seen her take the mike on stage and even sing a duet. That does not exactly count and neither does performing for the interviewer during Prince's Ebony interview last year. Why keep recording singles; is it just for the fun of it, like a hobby?She filed for divorced early in 2006 and the divorce was finalized late that same year.Prince didn’t stayed single for long, by 2001 he was allegedly dating Anada Lewis.

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It had that vibe to it, but parts of it still threw me off. There are plenty of cd's out there of small acts that have a decent following in one part of the country but are completely unknown on a larger scale. Her voice could earn her a living on a small scale, like local clubs in a small city.In 2007 he became involved with his new protege Bria Valente, they dated until 2012.