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The user can select an arbitrary number of messages and then perform some action, such as moving the emails to another folder or deleting them.In this tutorial we will see how to add a column of checkboxes and how to determine what checkboxes were checked on postback.Add a Button Web control beneath the Grid View, setting its property to Delete Selected Products.Rather than actually deleting products from the database, for this example we'll just display a message stating the products that would have been deleted. Rebind() in association with a Need Data Source event handler.When I then manually choose an item from the drop-down, which triggers the same grid databinding code, it displays properly the second time.This sequence of markup allowed the loading panel animation to display everytime there was a postback to get the detail data without refreshing the entire page within Share Point.

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By default it presents a nice loading animation similiar to what I have seen in Silverlight. NET Framework environment, the Rad Ajax Loading Panel worked like a charm.

A Delete Selected Products button, when clicked, will delete those products selected.

Figure 1: Each Product Row Includes a Checkbox (Click to view full-size image) Before we worry about adding a column of checkboxes, let s first focus on listing the products in a Grid View that supports paging.

How do I get it to display the grid the first time the page loads?

I implemented a Rad Grid which contained two levels of information within a user control that is being rendered in Share Point (MOSS 2007).

NET 2.0 includes a Check Box Field, one might think that it could be used to add a column of checkboxes to a Grid View.