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He has therefore now instructed his solicitor to apply to the Court for the finances to be dealt with and he says that he will be asking the Court to order that I pay his costs of the proceedings. The Court will usually only depart from this rule on the basis of the conduct of a party either before or during the proceedings. When a couple is divorcing and are unable to reach a settlement in respect of the finances or property (this is not relevant to children disputes), they can appoint an arbitrator.

There’s no way I can afford my own costs let alone Craig’s. In making a decision in this regard, they will consider: In practice, what this means is that if you are sensible and behave reasonably throughout the process, then it is highly unlikely that a costs order will be made against you. That arbitrator will be a qualified legal professional who will hear each party’s case (which they may present themselves or with the assistance of a legal representative) and then make a decision, which is called an ‘award’.

I stuck to my guns (aka: my knowledge base) during my testimony, and talked about what I knew about. I’ve never been intimidated much by people (places, things or even animals either for that matter).

~ I love it when the attorney can’t even remember what was asked and has to refer to the court reporter!

Lisa-Marie Leanders is a Solicitor at Nelsons Solicitors Limited in Leicester, one of the leading firms in the East Midlands, with offices also in Nottingham and Derby.

Lisa-Marie qualified as a solicitor in 2003 at a firm in Leicester and after 3 years at a firm in Leamington Spa, she has returned to practice in her home town of Leicester.

Give me a call and brief me on your case involving work and disability (or just work, or just disability), whatever it may be I’m interested to hear about it!

Every week thousands of people, just like you, call to hear who’s on line.

We have been going backwards and forwards for months. Costs in financial order proceedings are subject to the general rule that the Court will not make an order that one party should pay the costs of the other. Essentially, arbitration is another form of dispute resolution.

Although there are often initial difficulties like this, hopefully when the upset and anger associated with the break-up has begun to subside, both parents will recognise that you (and any other grandparents) have a lot to offer and that the children themselves will wish to see you.

Although we went our separate ways shortly after, we kept in touch.… continue reading »

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Her view is controversial, perhaps in some ways falling in direct opposition to fellow comedian-talk show-host Steve Harvey.… continue reading »

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