Search for dating partner

28-Oct-2019 11:05

People date for many reasons — because they’re bored, they're trying to figure out what they're looking for, they're hoping it’ll help them get over an ex, and because it’s just plain fun, to name a few.But if you’re dating to find a partner specifically, then it’s a whole different ball game.Or, if fitness is a big part of your life, join a new running group or softball league.Be careful, however, about getting involved in something solely with the expectation of meeting a partner.

The whole point of doing this early on is to weed out the ones who aren’t on the same page.One of my best friends from college recently declared that she was on this very mission.“I’m so done f*cking around,” she told me after another almost-relationship ended a few months in.So, if you love animals, look for volunteering opportunities that involve some furry friends.

If you’re a craft beer nerd, take a homebrewing class.

It can be difficult to tell what someone is looking for, especially in the early stages of dating.