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20-Jan-2020 22:16

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We know family travel can be lots of fun but also a little stressful. Looking for an excuse to take the family to the beach? Look for the label on it that states, “This restraint device is approved for motor vehicle and aircraft use.” Use of the FAA-approved AMSafe Aviation C. S., upon arrival, a certificate may be required by the specific state in which you are landing. For international travel, a health certificate is required.

At Frontier, we are committed to making your travel experience stress-free and fun, while saving you money. Trying to find the cheapest and easiest way to visit grandma? For clarification, please call your veterinarian or see the U. Each country may have vaccination requirements beyond the requirements listed here.

Effective November 1, 2018, Frontier Airlines will no longer accept children traveling alone under the age of 15 yrs of age.

Flying with a pet can be a stressful experience, particularly if it isn’t something you do often. And on top of that, each individual airline enforces different procedures.

Anything you give them you'll probably want to try out first just in case your dog has a paradoxical reaction (a reaction opposite to the expected reaction, like becoming hyperactive when taking Benadryl, which usually has a sedative effect) or an allergic reaction. They're on the list of short-nosed dogs that airlines fear will not be able to adjust to the change in pressure in the cabin or beneath the plane. I've taken my Boston Terrier (short-nosed) on an airplane several times, and no one even commented.

I got calming treats from the vet and invest in a Thunder Shirt. It acts as kind of a hug which eases their anxiety. Double check with the airline you're intending to use, but given that the largest carriers say no I would be cautious no matter what. My veterinarian had no problem with it, and I also have a 14 year old pug client who flies at LEAST 5 times a year with his owner, so I'm not sure if this is accurate.

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I would suggest trying it in advance just to ensure that it is effective for your pets. I also use Benadryl, my 19 pound cavalier gets half a tablet before we leave for the airport, and I usually give him the other half right around take-off ( about 2 hours later), because he gets very stressed when he doesn't have me in his sight line.Yep - ask your vet for recommendations and they can give you options for one or both dogs depending on their size, needs, and duration of the trip.

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