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21-Sep-2020 16:06

Then only 18, Nick Jones would start another interesting relationship with Australian singer and songwriter, Delta Goodrem who was at the time 26.

Although they were able to survive for a year, the relationship ended in 2012.

Because of this, almost everything and everyone the singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer has been involved with has become a thing of interest to both the media and his massive fan base.

You don’t need to be keeping up with Nick Jonas before you know that he has been in a relationship with Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra – the media has drummed the relationship between the pair into every slightly opened ear.

This time around, it was a very short one that ended in no time.

Gomez would go on to reveal that although their union was sweet, it was only “puppy love” and she didn’t really love him.

Not only is the award-winning singer successful, he is also fashionable and with no doubt, good looking.By 2018, however, things developed and soon, it was official that the two were seeing each other.