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27-Nov-2019 21:08

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Is it worth waiting to see if your partner will inevitably be able to provide you with the type of commitment you’re seeking?

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On the flip side, if you’re wondering if you should wait until your partner is ready for a serious commitment, it’s important to keep your emotional health and well-being in mind as well.Compliments are easy to give and they make the recipient feel warm and fuzzy inside. Everyone likes to hear a compliment, especially one that’s coming from their significant other.Tell the man that you like what you see and that you appreciate him. Few things are more frustrating than trying to talk to someone who’s always staring at a glowing screen.Having a normal conversation without checking your social media feeds every two minutes shouldn’t be difficult. Being in a serious relationship is no reason to stop dating each other. You can still take time for a nice dinner out or some romantic and/or drunken jumping at a trampoline park. He’ll enjoy those things and the fact that you were thinking about him like that.

Just because you “have” each other doesn’t mean that you should get lazy and stop putting thought into the “wooing” aspect of your relationship. Having a serious boyfriend does not mean “mission accomplished.” You had to work to get him, now you have to work to keep him. As cheesy as it sounds, it truly is the thought that counts.These rules are there for a reason: because they’re effective.