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12-Jul-2020 23:40

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President Emmanuel Macron has said the bill is designed to make sure “women are not afraid to be outside.” Last year, a series of sexual abuse accusations made against powerful men led to an online movement against sexual wrongdoing.In the proposed French legislation, adult rape victims can take legal action anytime within 30 years of the wrongdoing.

Many MPs absented them from the controversial bill, which has attracted heavy criticism from the right-leaning senate.

PARIS (Reuters) - French men believe sex is the surest route to happiness but for French women the key to felicity is food, according to a poll published on Wednesday.

Chocolate, cheese and foie gras, a festive French delicacy made from the livers of force-fed ducks, top the league table of happiness-procuring victuals, the Harris Interactive poll found.

While some sex workers have welcomed the news, around 60 others protested outside parliament at the new law, the reports.

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The Strass union, which represents sex workers in France, says the bill will affect the income earned by its members and may push them even further underground and into dangerous situations.But proponents of the law say it will make it easier to target sex trafficking networks.