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Here are some of her examples: Truth: What kind of foreplay would you like to try next time we're in bed?

Dare: Choose two parts of my body and stimulate at once using use mouth and hand.

Do you prefer me to undress you or would you like to undress yourself?

What's your most memorable sexual experience we've had together and why?

What's a fantasy you've never shared and would like to try?

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You can register an account or chat as an anonymous guest in every room.Here, Morse shares some of her favorite questions to help take your bedroom behavior up a notch. These questions work both ways, so here's hoping he's a quick learner. "The answers are fun but also very revealing about each partners' attitude towards sex and relationships." Emily helps us get warmed up... "This is a way to test how your partner feels about letting go during sex play," Morse says.Would you rather have sex while someone is watching you, or would you want to watch a couple have sex in front of you?"They can always blame their 'High School self' for a bizarre fantasy.

Also, it will get them thinking about all the sexual frustration they had in high school and how they can finally realize their fantasies with you." What does it feel like when you orgasm?What's your favorite body part other than your penis?