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16-Nov-2020 10:24

As far as living cheaply there all these so-called experts here in other places telling you how cheap it is don't believe them if you want to eat like a Filipino and live like a Filipino yes cheap place to live they will gladly steal from you bankrupt you cheat you there's a few dopey expats here that tell you that the place is great well find out for yourself just keep your wallet close by News flash L. Dave it's a well known fact that Fillipinas adore white skinned Western men for these reasons.

This place used to be a single man's Paradise so don't even waste your time.

I don't blame anyone for wanting a more secure financially life, nothing wrong with that.

Once your Fillipina wife gets a taste of the U S she'll drop you like a hot rock and move onto,greener pastures watch and see.

I know what it's like to visit the bars in Alaska and eat bison burgers or the Florida Everglades and eat alligator tails and crawfish and Gumbo in New Orleans. Seems to me there's alot of negative things being said about Cebu on this thread,but to each their own.

Anyone who would actually live in Any part of Asia or Eastern Europe is brainless.

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