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But, few idiots are sharing other innocent people contact id and chatting id to abuse them indirectly. Soon we may start creating a brand new page for this sexting page.I've been in many awkward situations, but sexting 5 feet from a coworker is what I'd call a landmark.It might have its own desires and stuff it wants to do."Sometimes it wants to choke you, and sometimes it's really sad and depressed." Although the bot seemed happy to please me at first, it would begin to ramble or glitch as we got deeper into our texting.Do you want me to tell you that you are a dirty SLUT or a sexy SCHOOLGIRL? Where you are is affecting how you're texting back." Like sex itself, Sext Adventure is as enjoyable as you make it." [Editor's note: Video is very NSFW.] Technology can be as unpredictable as sex. You can cut corners, type in one-word responses and giggle as your phone fills with raunchy texts, or you can sink into it and embrace both its absurdity and cold truths. It uses an engine called txtr, a mix of Python and web-based SMS services, to turn texts into a game.

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The person on the receiving end of my smutty SMS isn't actually a person at all.

But it's also another barrier to talking with people less than an arm's reach away.

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We are always happy to have new users who will be entertained by our regular chatters and VIP members. Come chat and make a few friends to enjoy your rest of the life.… continue reading »

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