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If you disclose a personal experience of such violence, the instructor is required to notify the the Title IX Coordinator by completing the report form available at emailing [email protected] calling 338-2032.To disclose any such violence confidentially, contact The SAFE Place - (415) 338-2208; OR Counseling and Psychological Services Center - (415) 338-2208; Students are responsible for all information given out in class. Any assignment which is copied (from any source) will receive zero credit.The offending student's name will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.The Advisor may not be a person with information relevant to the allegations who may be interviewed or called upon to testify during any related investigation or hearing.Any person who wishes to have an attorney present at the hearing as an Advisor must notify the Student Conduct Administrator in writing of the attorney's name, address and phone number at least 5 Working Days prior to the hearing.The campus' determination regarding the presence of attorneys applies to the Student charged; Complainant; any witnesses who are alleged to be victims of Discrimination, Harassment or Retaliation (including Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking); and the Campus, but not to the hearing officer, who may be an attorney in any case.

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If dire circumstances beyond a student's control cause an exam or homework to be missed, these circumstances must be explained (eg.Although University-related sanctions may be imposed, the process is intended to provide an opportunity for learning and are an administrative process. Each campus determines by campus directive whether attorneys are permitted to be present in all or some Student conduct proceedings.Any person who has a license (active or inactive) to practice law is considered an attorney for purposes of this Executive Order 1098.For more information on your rights and available resources: Accomodation may be made for students wishing to celebrate religious holidays if they give the instructor two weeks notice.

Both the Complainant and the Student charged (Alleged) may elect to be accompanied by one (1) advisor of their choice, subject to the limitations set forth in this section, to any meetings, conferences, interviews or hearings.Any person who wishes to have an attorney present at the hearing must notify the student conduct administrator in writing of the attorney's name, address and phone number at least five Working Days prior to the hearing. In the absence of a president's directive, attorneys shall be excluded from disciplinary conferences and hearings, subject to the two exceptions set forth in D.1.b, above.

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