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Was it a ‘in the right place at the right time’ scenario?Then the entire idea of preserving Jason’s body, and placing him in a cryogenic state is ridiculous, to say the least. Have they been watching too many Disney movies over the years? Once Jason returned to Port Charles, it was revealed that his son with Elizabeth, little Jake, was alive as well.It turned out a brain tumor was the root cause of why Franco was so angry, with no conscience, and evil to begin with.Once that was established, it seemed like all his prior transgressions were wiped away and placed under the proverbial rug.

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Miller has done an excellent job, sliding into the role of Jason with ease, especially in his current state as he tries to remember who he is and who he once was.

What’s up with soap opera villains and their brainwashing mind chips, anyways? Except Jake died in 2011 because he was hit by his adopted grandfather, Luke Spencer while drinking and driving.

The child was declared brain dead almost immediately upon arrival at GH and placed on life support.

She also showed off a cup from Ratio Beerworks, which is also in Denver, Colorado, on her Instagram story.

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These rumors have been going around for a little over a month, but the rumors are heating up now.

From drunk driving, to increasing awareness around HIV/AIDS, to the romance between Luke and Laura — it’s clear some pretty incredible things have happened in the land of Everything about Franco drastically changed after Roger Howarth took on the role in 2013.

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