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”Rebecca and Harry have seemingly remained close since their divorce and she recently thanked him for “giving me a piggy back in life”.

On her remark, she informed: “Harry has a dog called Pablo so whenever we go for a walk I’m always in the wrong footwear - he’ll be in his wellies and I’ll be in my trainers - so he always has to piggy back me through the puddles.“We always help one another and make an effort to do something once a month asa family…

But then you spent the entire two weeks off sleeping and eating ice cream with a ladle? It is baffling how we can go from feeling six feet deep in the dumps to swimming at supersonic speed in a matter of days. While we don’t all have it that bad, when our non-swimmers tell us about how they slept in until the PM part of the day last weekend a wave of envy invariably washes across our faces. ” It doesn’t matter that you are 12 years old, the question is still gonna come in hot. That while we can complain about the long sets, the lost weekends, or the sheer fatigue we endure to improve even a fraction of a second, the non-swimmers among us better not whisper a bad word about our favorite sport.

How quickly does the excuse turn from “I’m tapering, I need all my energy” to “I’m in aerobic building mode, I need all my energy.” 5. My ears and head would always perk up every time a non-swimmer would complain to the nearest lifeguard about the water temperature at the pool: “It’s about turning the pool temperature up.” Have you ever tried doing wind sprints in a sauna? The sudden explosion of energy renders us equally neurotic, joyous and psychotic, and while coaches refer to the application of a taper as an art and a science, for swimmers it is the best of times, and the worst of times. Explaining the pyramid of meets that you have to qualify, and that you have to place top two in the country and also under the FINA A standard, but that you can sometimes also place on the team if you swim under that time prior to Trials, can leave your non-swimmer friend wishing they had never asked. Your Swim Book is a log book and goal setting guide designed specifically for competitive swimmers.

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Although we spend most of our waking time either in the pool, going to or from the pool, or thinking about the pool, we also interact frequently with people who aren’t swimming up and down that black line with us, or yelling at us to swim faster up and down that black line.

Here are ten things that our civilian friends will never understand about swimming: 1.

When a non-swimmer asks what you did for practice, all you can do is sigh, and knowing that it would take far longer than it is worthwhile to explain, simply say, “Laps and stuff.” 4. How many times have you told your friends that you would hang out with them more once the season was over?

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