Swtor consolidating servers

23-Mar-2020 03:13

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Most of that is because of the so-called “Dynamic Placable Objects” also known as DYN or DYNs.

In a recently published article on swtor.com, the new community coordinator Daniel Steed revealed what exactly those are and how they affect the game: DYNs are objects that designers place in the world that can change or be changed, based on how they’re set up.

This system is capable of accepting a great deal of expansion and the team is proud of what they have done, as it can be seen in between the lines of the quoted text. ah that thing where you are supposed to be able to inspect things before you buy them or before you… The way the preview window was originally built didn’t lend itself well to being expanded upon with new functionality or item types.

When Strongholds came out, for example, the decorations previewer had to be built from scratch, rather than being integrated within the existing window.

There are not as many players actively playing as there were years ago.

Players have requested server merges for years to help boost queue times for group activities and to make it easier for players to more easily find others to play with.

The European servers was to consolidate between the language differences between countries.

There is also no longer any specific designed servers: Pv E, Pv P, RP or otherwise are all on one server.

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Let me tell you what the designers and developers from Bio Ware see – lots of hand-crafted stuff, tons of potential bugs spawning from it and an insane amount of time to create it.

Now, in 5.10.2 the Preview Window has been reworked completely from the ground up.