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The offices were used by the Idaho Supreme Court until the new Supreme Court building was constructed in 1970. In the 1820s, French Canadian fur trappers set trap lines in the vicinity.In the east wing is the office of the secretary of state and in the reception area is the official copy of the Great Seal of the State of On the third floor is where the legislative chambers are located as well as the Senate in the west wing and the House of Representatives in the east wing. Set in a high-desert area, the tree-lined valley of the because it was located on the Boise Meridian and the town was renamed.In 1928 this building was remodeled for inmate occupancy and became the first cell house with indoor plumbing.The Womens Ward (1905-1906) was built out of necessity.Cell House 3 (1899) was built the same as Cell House 2.It was eventually condemned for habitation, but in 1921 was converted into a shoe factory.

Also on this floor is the Idaho Supreme Court room which is used for hearings and committee meetings of the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee. Eagle - The name for the town and nearby island came from the earliest settlers in the valley.

The collection is open for research at the society.