The 2016 cap reform accommodating wto pressures

06-Oct-2020 20:37

w=840 840w, w=150 150w, w=300 300w, w=768 768w," sizes="(max-width: 709px) 85vw, (max-width: 909px) 67vw, (max-width: 1362px) 62vw, 840px" /House of Lords EU External Affairs and EU Internal Market sub-committees, 8 September 2016, with Piet Eeckhout, professor of EU Law, University College London and Richard Eglin, Senior Trade Policy Advisor, White and Case LLP Potentially most issues covered by two of the three “pillars” of WTO agriculture commitments[4] —market access and domestic support.

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If the UK accepts the whole package, then this should be implemented without any problems. For regular “most favoured nation” (MFN) tariffs, many of the EU’s scheduled tariffs can be adopted by the UK with little difficulty and this would probably come under simpler WTO rules on “rectifying” schedules.UK exports to the EU via the EU’s TRQs: note that as things stand, if the UK wants to export lamb to the EU through the EU’s TRQ, it will have to fight for a share of the 200 tonnes for “other countries”.But in 2015 it shipped almost 75,000 tonnes duty-free to the EU.[11] That’s why it would want to participate in negotiations over a TRQ for the EU–27 if it doesn’t have duty-free access to the EU market., “export competition”, the third pillar, which we can quickly get out of the way.

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It includes export subsidies and three areas of policy that may contain hidden subsidies: government involvement in export credit and insurance, food aid, and state trading exporting enterprises.

The UK would want to be part of those talks.) The reasons are both political and technical.[9] TRQs are on the front line in the battle between exporters with offensive interests and import markets with defensive interests.