Umbraco user control not updating

06-Dec-2019 11:57

Ever since Umbraco released Umbraco 7.2, the grid has been a great alternative to the old richtext editor - or some of the other ways we used to build content pages.The grid comes with a few editors by default, which lets you create you create amazing pages.Sterling for suggestion and I apologies for late response, For now we had decided to delete all the sites and regenerate all them together.We also looked and though about your suggestion, and I must say it is a very good feature for application like ours.In a similar way, we tell the grid editor the placeholder text of the description field, but this time that the field is optional.

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Thanks & Regard @bharatvervesys Much of what you have described here is exactly what we have solved with the Baseline feature for Umbraco as a Service (Uaa S).We definitely encourage you to evaluate the baseline feature available in paid versions of Uaa S - which is launching soon.You can secure a waitlist spot here And you can find some documentation describing the feature here Started/First of all Thanks @Paul.We also managed to create different Umbraco database for each site is created and moved published code under to Non-Umbraco root site and convert to application and also updated Web.config file for each site dynamically.

After that when-ever we found that our logic or UI was not correct we also update DLL, ASCX user controls and CSS to all sites through same window application.

Like described in the section above, we first need to add the configuration for the grid editor.

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