Updating java

24-May-2020 22:21

Please note that short-term versions of Java may be unstable, thus could cause unexpected crashes and other issues.With Java version 7, the installation was typically in C:\Program Files\Java\jre7 With Java version 8, the installation now looks like this: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_20 where the 8 is the major version number, and 20 is the update number.After clicking on the Java icon, visit the “Update” tab to force an update check and configure Automatic Updates.Don’t worry, OS X users – the procedure is very similar for you.Otherwise, you’ll be provided with an alert instructing you to download an up-to-date version.If you’re running Windows, your best bet is to open Control Panel and look for the “Java Control Panel” icon.Conveniently, Oracle offer a set of straightforward uninstall instructions for users on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux distributions.

Although you disable Java from running inside your browser, I would recommend a complete uninstallation if you want to rid your computer of it for good.

So, for the latest information, I’d recommend taking a look at the guide that Oracle provides for your operating system.

Of course, you should check with your company’s IT support team before making changes to your work computer.

Updating Java is one of the important things to do when playing Minecraft, as some technical bugs may only be fixed by updating Java.

The Minecraft launcher is bundled with Java version 1.8.0_51, which is used by default.In an earlier article I outlined how running Java can increase the opportunities for malicious hackers to compromise your computer.