Updating navionics charts

24-Feb-2020 18:16

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I contacted Navionics to see if they would be willing to extend my subscription since I would be mapping my home lake (Claytor Lake, Dublin VA) for them at my cost (boat hours, fuel, and subscription price to use Navionics! They claim to already have some community edits but it's almost laughable how off they are...if you were to navigate by the community edits here you wouldn't make it out of the first turn without grounding your boat! if you do not continue to pay every year for your subscription you CANNOT continue to use the sonar chart logging feature and are essentially left with nothing.Download is easy and sonar chart are helping me a lot to increase my catch. The new Sonar Chart maps on the lakes I fish are loaded with extra detail and the ability to download any lakes in all the US and Canada make this tailor made for traveling anglers and those who live near two regions. Unlimited downloading and the new Sonar Chart maps are great on the lakes I fish.From: Comments: Buyer beware, if your lake is not primarily supported by Navionics and you must rely on Sonar Chart or community edits... If not, you will essentially be PAYING Navionics to update their charts for everyone else!

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It's certainly nice to be able to have the latest chart info, unlike some other brands that no longer update charts for older units. Max-detailed cartography for marine and lakes that is updated daily, makes Navionics the perfect choice for cruising and fishing.Get Nautical Chart, the most accurate navigational data; Sonar Chart, an exclusive 1 ft HD bathymetry map; and Community Edits, local content from the community.Please note that to use this service, your existing card number needs to end with "XG", for example 28XG.

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Note:- the following Codes are a different Price, Please select these charts Individually by clicking on the link to CANADIAN ana RUSSIAN In Land Charts below.You’ll also get access to charts in whatever areas your old app(s) was subscribed to, but you will have to download them again if you like having them always available.