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30-May-2020 02:53

updating of the ad aware 2016-68

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SAS seems to be pretty well thought of by a lot of folks. Please tell me why I should continue to use this application.-It's added a service ""C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe" that's flagged for automatic (run on startup). Thought it only needs internet access when I tell it to fetch an upgrade. You can see the connections with Online Armor's Firewall Status display.My work box with the free version has had no updating problems. I changed it to manual.-Upon start, it doesn't go past the splash screen until it's phoned home. I found that my problem with updating Ad-Aware was due to me having elected to use Open DNS, which is a free DNS service.I guess that I wasn't paying attention, and I knew nothing of SE 106 no longer being supported, until after reading here.In short, I went to run A-A on the weekend, and it reported my defs way out of date.Thanks, Uplate13 Directly from the Lavasoft website:"Please note that, as of December 31, 2007, Lavasoft will not issue new Definitions File updates or provide technical support for Ad-Aware SE.For the latest protection, please update to Ad-Aware 2007."Seems clear enough.

updating of the ad aware 2016-83

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All the icons & the update messages have stayed the same. When I try it just gives me an INSTALL file that of course the computer doesn't recognize.

It would have been easier to buy the thing,but it has worked so well.

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