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15-Sep-2020 19:15

For many years the Climate Divisional Dataset was the only long-term temporally and spatially complete dataset from which to generate historical climate analyses (1895-2013) for the contiguous United States (CONUS).It was originally developed for climate division, statewide, regional, national, and population-weighted monitoring of drought, temperature, precipitation, and heating/cooling degree day values.

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Expressing a value as a rank provides an easily-understandable depiction of the relative placement of the month, season or year, but using rankings is very sensitive to even small changes in the values. In most cases, many of the runners finish very near to each other ("in a pack"), where the slightest change could result in a "bump" in rank of several positions within the pack.PA Radar, Satellite and Snow Depth Archive - Archive of radar, satellite, and snow depth images since February 19th, 2002.City Information - Detailed information on select cities across Pennsylvania.These new methodologies include the transition to a grid-based calculation, the inclusion of many more stations from the pre-1930s, and the use of NCEI's modern array of quality control algorithms.

These have improved the data coverage and the quality of the dataset, while maintaining the current product stream.The outcome of these improvements is a new divisional dataset that maintains the strengths of its predecessor while providing more robust estimates of areal averages and long-term trends.