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05-Nov-2019 20:29

I still remembered the time we spent together before she went to college in Hangzhou. May God bless you and your children and grandchildren!!! Shukang: It was so sad to hear the sudden passing of Zuowei.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this most difficult time.

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He would spend many a night sitting on his deck enjoying his beautiful Koi pond with his favorite dog, Blanca, by his side. Oh, Johnny, I am so heartbroken to learn of your passing.I will hold those beautiful memories and those of you in my heart forever.Thank you for being such a loving childhood friend who grew into a man of uncompromising honor and integrity.Mark was a beloved leader of our scouting program and will forever be appreciated and greatly missed. My dearest cousin as an older cousin that always overlooked a lot of things in our family standing by my sister side going through her motions of cancer I am heartbroken emotionally broken because I lost two people that I loved you were a big support I miss your smile I miss the way that you are I miss the times that we would have when we were kids hanging around just causing chaos in your dad's house watching movies when we are kids on these huge pillows that your dad made for us so we can enjoy everything on TV I miss you and I hope you meet my sister in heaven she embraces you the hugest hug that I was never able to give you a proper good bye but i love you you will always be my brother not a cousin cuz you mean more to us than you know I wish I knew final days I was able to see you to say goodbye and how much I appreciate you the rest in peace and meet your mother and my sister grandma and grandpa because we are a family that are so unorthodox but yet United I think you know that I love you Markie ...

Please tell my sister I miss her as well I will miss you...Fred & Nancy Voras send their prayers for comfort to the entire Coffin family.