Vba excel turn off screen updating

02-Nov-2020 07:17

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o We modify any of the properties of the Page Setup object in a VBA macro.

Refer to this Microsoft article for more details - Use 'WITH' statement when working with objects: If we have to access an object's properties and methods in several lines, we must avoid using object's name or fully qualified object path again and again.

You must set the Screen Updating property to True when the procedure finishes or when it stops after an error. Turn off automatic calculations: Whenever content(s) of a cell or range of cells are changed, the formulas dependent on them and Volatile functions are recalculated.

You can increase the speed of some procedures by keeping screen updating turned off.

As with most of the other class I develop, standard boilerplate properties are included: Excel continuously redraws the screen to show the current state of workbooks and sheets.

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Enable Events to tell VBA processor whether to fire events or not. Without a good logic, a good written VBA macro program has no value.