Who is april jeanette mendez dating

27-Jul-2020 15:25

The pair of WWE stars started dating last fall, and the relationship reportedly moved along quite quickly.

In April it was reported that CM Punk (whose real name is Phillip Jack Brooks), popped the question to AJ Lee (April Jeanette Mendez).“We have heard from a lot of people asking if CM Punk and AJ Lee were married yesterday afternoon.

She discribes the kiss as the best kiss she's ever have in her life and it open her eyes to the possibility of having a relationship with him.

He let it be know to her that he wanted her but she was still hesitate.

From what I was told, they weren’t at that time but they did get married either last night or early this morning.

We wish them all of the best in their new marriage.

[This also was a big part of why he left that company and she as well.] They both have said their wedding day was the best thing to ever happen to both of them.

A clear sign of true love from twin souls who both came from hard lives and both made it to the top and knew when it was time to move on to better things.

A longer form sharing the same root is Menéndez, while the Portuguese form is Mendes.

I’m super happy to be a part of it.”So while this weekend’s news is good for the newly married CM Punk and AJ Lee, it might not be too welcome to fans hoping to see him in the ring again.

Pisces Union City, New Jersey, USAChicago, Illinois, U. Mendez graduated from Memorial High School in West New York, New Jersey.

She had attended Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and majored in film and television production, and writing. She was WWE Diva of the Year 2012 and is the youngest general manager in WWE history. From 2010 to 2011, she appeared in WWE Superstars as AJ. She was trained by Jay Lethal (or Jamar Shipman) with whom she also dated for couple of years.

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She had appeared in commercials about Bleacher Creature, Summer Slam 2013, WWE Shop and others.

I had previously mentioned these two in another thread and decided to do another one but mainly focused on their union.