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01-Jan-2020 12:27

Many believe he should have never left The Daily Show or ESPN, but as it’s already been explained he didn’t care for the direction that the writers wished to go.The Late Late Show was perhaps one of the reasons why he became disillusioned with the Hollywood experience, as the writing staff was often blamed for the shortcomings of the show and the lackluster way that Kilborn reacted. The banter between an irritable Stewart and Kilborn was about as uncomfortable as late night talk show guest segments get, but it also had me asking myself “What the hell happened to Craig Kilborn?

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Kilborn’s jabs that served him so well as an anchor on didn’t always help him build the best rapport with his guests.

Nobody wants to be in a Tim Allen movie, not even Tim Allen. That movie that you occasionally see on Comedy Central at 2 a.m.

It probably wasn’t the movie Kilby hoped would kick-off his acting career, but it did also have Robert Downey Jr. starring David Spade, Rob Schneider, and Jon Heder.

Those closest to Kilborn have been interviewed and claim that the actor/host hit the ground running in most of his projects but would usually become bored rather quickly if things didn’t progress the way he wanted or in a more dynamic fashion.

Kilborn tended to want things to move along like well-oiled machine and didn’t respond well to things that didn’t go his way, which seems to indicate that if he didn’t find something entertaining he wasn’t all that in to it.

He went back for a special edition in 2004, but after his initial stint he went on to host The Daily Show until 1998.