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13-Sep-2020 12:32

And again, this is a company that he specifically denounced during the campaign. Over the weekend, we’ve had the controversy with John Lewis saying that he believes that Trump is not a legitimate president, in part because of the Russian meddling in the election. But also, you’ve raised the issue that Americans are forgetting about the United States’ role in meddling in internal Russian politics in the past. There was a cover that said “Yanks to the Rescue.” And it was all about how we sent American advisers over to save Boris Yeltsin’s re-election campaign.

We openly talked about how we participated in helping Boris Yeltsin get past his communist challenger, not only in 1996, but in 1993 during the referendum.

It’s also a time when : So talk about what you have found in this year, and particularly now in this rush of Cabinet members’ confirmation hearings, who these Cabinet members are, representing the wealthiest Cabinet in U. He almost had like the opposite of a love relationship with Nixon. I think that’s an unflattering comparison for any writer, but I think I do a little bit understand what he was going through with Nixon.

And that kind of obsession is something you really can’t force. I kind of feel a little bit the same way about Trump.

So this is, you know, your immediate, obvious contradiction in his campaign rhetoric. You know, they head a lot of the Federal Reserve branches, etc., etc. In fact, they were sort of co-heads of Goldman Sachs for all the relevant crisis years.

You know, he talked about draining the swamp, and the first thing he did is he filled it with people who were from that very company. Cohn is now the chief economic adviser to Donald Trump; he’s the head of the . He worked for Sullivan & Cromwell, but he represented Goldman.

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They tell people that, you know, things are bad, and we’re going to give you somebody to blame. And I think that the people on the campaign plane didn’t understand the significance of what he was doing. But this time around, I had a success rate of about one in five in getting people to actually talk to me.He was extremely explicit about it throughout the entire campaign season, dating back to January and February, when he used it as a club to beat on Ted Cruz, because both his wife—Cruz’s wife and Cruz himself had a financial relationship to Goldman Sachs. I’m not going to be a puppet of Goldman.” He actually ran a campaign ad, a 30-second campaign ad, very close to the election, that specifically mentioned Goldman and Wall Street banks.He said, “Cruz is totally controlled by Goldman Sachs. And then he turns around right after the election, and he brings five people from Goldman Sachs, or four ex-Goldmanites and a Goldman lawyer, into the White House. Goldman has always had a major presence in government all over the world, not just in America. They’ve been presidents of, you know, the EC Bank and Bank of Canada. There’s also Gary Cohn, who was the number two at Goldman Sachs behind Lloyd Blankfein.And in a way, it makes for this incredibly engrossing story to follow him.

So, you know, I think that, to me, is what really stood out about this last year, is Trump himself, he is just such a unique figure in our time.

He’s a—you know, it was kind of hate at first sight, actually, when I first saw him on the campaign trail.

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