Who is matt tuck dating

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Also in Season 3, Matt began dating Ariel Alderman. Alderman convinces Matt to steal files from Mc Namara/Troy so that he can use them to get insurance companies to stop paying for surgeries that alter (or in his opinion, hide) natural ethnic features. Meanwhile, Cherry takes the shovel and blindsides Mr. Cherry picks up the gun and Matt tells her to shoot him.

At first she seemed like a pretty, sweet, innocent girl. Ariel is a very racist person who makes Matt turn into a racist. Matt eventually breaks up with Ariel, as he realizes that she and her father are not good people. Alderman spot Matt and Cherry in the mall, things take a horrible turn for the worse. Alderman kidnaps Matt and Cherry and ties them to chairs in his garage. The gun is fired and the next we know of Matt is that he has returned home that night.

Matt became infuriated upon finding out that she was pre-op, and beat Cherry very badly. Matt had fallen deeper and was becoming a different person.

He is approximately 16 years of age at the beginning of the show's first season.

In truth, this is nothing but a ruse to get money to pay for his and Kimber's spiraling addiction to crystal meth.