Who was whitney houston currently dating

09-Sep-2020 07:02

“She’s a damn good basketball player,” she said of Crawford.“She can beat any guy there is.” For her part, the only time Crawford has spoken publicly of Houston was in an obituary for Esquire.Crawford’s sexual orientation is only addressed as a way of separating her from Houston.“I knew what she was,” Garland-Houston says of Crawford.And the record is set “straight” here in one particular way.In this movie, we hear nothing from Crawford herself, but several very nasty things about her from Houston’s brother Gary Garland-Houston, who toured with Whitney as her back-up dancer, did drugs with her, and “protected” her.

In the documentary, she confirms the rumor that Whitney and Gary were molested as children by Dee Dee Warwick, Dionne’s sister and a well-known singer in her own right.Robyn Crawford is not a household name, but—as Broomfield’s documentary makes abundantly clear—her romance and close friendship with Houston was a defining feature of the singer’s adult life.A high school contemporary of Houston’s brothers, Crawford moved in with the singer when the two were in their late teens.Garland-Houston twists up his face at the idea of his sister and another woman.

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That Whitney grew up in a deeply homophobic milieu and also had to keep secret her relationship with a woman who, the documentary must admit, cared for her well, is very sad.

It is 1990, and Whitney Houston is in a hotel room with her mother.

He played the piano excellently and with his many rock hits like Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley, he inspired his rock music lovers a lot.… continue reading »

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