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When I was in college, my mom would give me allowance and would ask me sometimes why I didn't save up for the weekly donation thing.

I was told it was not mandatory, but my mother had guilt tripped me every time I wasn't able to save up for it--comparing me to the other kids and youth who, despite their allowances are able to give weekly.

Meet the Ang Dating Daan TV mobile app featuring the biblical answers of the Truthcaster, Bro. Call it a library of the Q&A video clips of the religious television program of the same title hosted by Bro. Try the following useful features to help in your search for the truth in the Bible: • Select and watch the videos that we organize according to subject matter.

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From these television broadcast efforts, together with 24/7 webcasts, the humble program that sprang forth from the a bullhorn and a pulpit in Pampanga, Philippines has now reached intercontinental viewership. Eli Soriano started preaching from town to town in Pampanga, Philippines in the 1970s.

Wanting to bring the Gospel to a wider audience, he began preaching on radio.

) that I joined and wore something skimpy for the catwalk.

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It acquired Gawad Amerika’s “Most Informative Religious Program” twice now – in 20.About the Ang Dating Daan TV Mobile App Do you have questions about religion, faith, spirituality?