Xcode resources folder not updating marketing dating club

11-Nov-2020 03:57

If I change my icon/splashscreen colors and run the resources command, it recreates the images. really annoying happened: One of the of Androids' resources was corrupted, which caused an error when building the apk.

If I try to use the old ones, it relies on caching. Are you trying to fetch those resources for another machine by re-running the resources command? I update (change colors, bevel, gradients) the icon with GIMP, run the resources tool and see that it does not pull from cache... Afterwards when I search the platform/ and resources/ folders for the new icon.png, the old one is still there and the new one only gets added to the drawable folder. WHY would you cache images on a development platform when they are most likely going to be updated VERY frequently. On Mac, "ionic resources --icon" generates the icons but these don't get picked up Xcode. Because of the server-side cache / checksum-check, i always got the corrupted images when running I'm having this same issue.

So, the steps: $ ionic platform rm android $ ionic platform add android $ ionic platform update [email protected] You can see that by default cordova is adding as android platform version the 6.0.0 but the bug is fixed in the 6.1.0 (https://github.com/apache/cordova-android/blob/master/RELEASENOTES.md).

I don't mind so much about that, I just want things to be organized while I am working on my project.